Making the work environment safer for everyone

Making the work environment safer for everyone

Touchless Thermal Temperature Tracker

  • No contact Measuring ( no physical contact)
  • Detects body temperature in 1-3 seconds
  • Immediate notification if abnormal temperature is read
    with a loud signal and red lights

Helping to protect your company’s key assets

Your employees

Your clients


The threat of closing due to an outbreak in your facility

  • Non Contact Fever inspection
  • The individual stops, scans, gets logged
    instantly in just seconds
  • Detects Fever and masks if required
  • Includes facial recognition and
    tracks all entries
  • Works the minute you turn the machine on

3 easy steps:

Approach the unit
The unit will automatically detect the individual approaching and instruct you to place your face in the identified area on the screen
Temperature measure
Scanu will take the individual’s temperature and either permit or restrict entry depending on the result.
Capture and log
Scanu will take a photograph and log the individual’s temperature each time

SCANU is Flexible and Can work in
almost all organizations and institutions

Commercial Buildings

Retail environments

Automotive dealerships

Food and Beverages

Manufacturing facilities

Distribution centres

Regular offices

Creating a safer environment efficiently

  • Floor model with touchless sanitizer dispensor.
  • Counter model for reception areas and turnstiles.
  • Cloud based software that captures information.
  • Supports recognition a face mask.
  • It only takes one second for detection.
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